Who cares baby???

Who cares baby, at the end of the day it is always about giving thanks for you made out alive, being grateful for the accomplishments you had and the people who helped you, analyzing the shortcomings and being optimistic about waking up alive to live your next adventure!

PS : Now what motivated me to write this post, I had my first adventurous drive through the snow today.

I was on my way to church, and everything looked so white, the roads, the buildings, the vehicles on the road. I was blindly trusting the GPS lady with all her rerouting plans. She took me through an even whiter, snow blanketed narrow lane.

All I could remember was me moving a little too much to the right to give way for an approaching vehicle, and right after that I totally lost control and my car went to the right. I tried to turn left and my car skidded on ice.

I could brake the car but it was stuck in the snow and I couldn't move the car at all. I turned the emergency blinkers on.

Luckily I saw this gentleman walking towards the car, he asked me if I was alright. I said I was. He and his dad manged to get my car out of the snow and told me the roads are slippery and that I need to go slow.

I thanked the guy and his dad and drove off.

1) Yes I am thankful that I made out alive
2) Yes I am grateful that someone was so kind enough and helpful
3) Yes I did analyze my shortcomings
4) Yes I am being really optimistic about waking up alive.

Who cares baby???

I do!! I want  to wake up to live my next adventure!


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