Getting stoned and losing WISDOM

Growing up I always thought I would end up as a writer. Not just any writer, a stoned writer! Now what are the odds, I have never smoked in my life and I did't end up being a writer either. I don't even enjoy drinking. I can handle a glass of wine occasionally. But that's it. The last time I was actually DRUNK, things didn't go very well, all I remember was lots of dancing, lots of laughing, throwing up and finally sleeping like a baby. Boy it was fun, except for the throwing up part. And yes for the very same reason, I don't ever want to get DRUNK again.

Two weeks back something interesting happened. I got to try Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). In fact it was under medical supervision. I was getting my first wisdom tooth pulled. Along with the local freezing of the extraction area, I was also wearing a mask inhaling Nitrous Oxide. The dentist said it would keep me all relaxed. I didn't really feel the urge to laugh at all. Maybe because they had the News channel on. I was about to ask the dental assistant  to put FRIENDS  on the TV. Then I thought, what if I laugh hysterically  in the middle of the extraction procedure? As much as I wanted to get rid of the troublesome wisdom tooth, I also wanted to keep the rest of my teeth intact!

The procedure took 2 mins, and I was breathing oxygen again. I didn't really feel anything during my first visit.

Last Sunday, I had my second appointment with the dentist. This time it was a serious business. I was getting two more wisdom teeth out using the surgical extraction process. As much as I dreaded the procedure, I was also excited about the laughing gas. 

I was inhaling it for a good 40 to 50 mins. This time though, I was floating. I looked at the TV- News channel again. I was trying to read the news reader's lips. "Why is she talking so slow" 

I saw my dentist struggling, he said, "Now I am going to use a drill, you are going to feel some pressure here." And I said to myself, bring it on DOCTOR I am WONDER WOMAN!

Minutes later I thought, what if I try to focus on something. I started counting the background tiles, the intricate patterns amused me. And I thought, damn I see things now. I must be a genius!

And then I heard my dentist say, "Neetha, I am going to leave the root of one wisdom tooth behind, I don't want to take any chances, it is so close to your nerve. We will monitor it for a while and decide the next steps"

And I said to myself -  Bring it on Doc, don't you know I am from outer space!

As soon as I finished saying this in my head, the dental assistant turned down the flow control on the nitrous oxide. Things were not moving any more. After two minutes I was sitting upright with gauze in my mouth. I guess I am back to being an earthling again.

What do I say, it sure was an interesting experience! Now I cannot wait to get my last wisdom tooth out!
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