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This will make you smile!

Hey You, So I started writing this on the back of my phone bill, as a revenge to my cell phone providers for sending me a huge bill. The thought of two digits on my bill irritates me, now my selfish instinct to upgrade phones, provided me with a three digit number on the bill. Well clearly I earn very little now, at least I am happy I have people to lend money from. (Hope they will never see this) So as I was saying, I have this theory, in order to make yourself you or let's just say to make you the best version of yourself, you might just have to create a necessity so that you will find a need to be the best version of yourself. That's what I did, when my boss pays me, I go spending it all to create the necessity, be broke again , so that I will try harder to  earn a better job, study more to get there. I know that all my efforts to be broke  again will  pay off one day! ( Yeah I am being silly again) Yeah don't ever take me seriously I am writing this

*Alex calling*

*Alex calling* *Alex calling* His phone beeped. He didn't pick up the phone, he went outside and made a quick scan at his phone and came back inside. What he was unaware was the fact that his wife was carefully watching his every move. They were at a friend's place for dinner.  It was one of those visits they made to their friend's place after welcoming their new baby girl. They are a happy couple. Everything was perfect, great job, big money, great partners. Still she has started to pile on  her doubts.  "Why wouldn't he pick up the call in front of me?" She thought about the ways husbands in movies used to hide the other woman's name with a guy's name, so that their wives wouldn't know. "But Edaan would never cheat on me, we have a family and he's a great guy", She tried to calm herself. The baby cried in her arms, she was a chubby pink little one. Sarah kissed her baby to calm her down. Edaan was watching hi

Beautiful People#3

So this is the girl, my best friend, my childhood friend, she had been struggling financially and emotionally for a while, still manages to smile and is thankful for even the simple things she own. I was happy to know that she was doing okay now, she was earning enough to take care of her family, still she has ends to meet and even then, when she earned her first salary, what she really did was help out the needy. Often at times you meet beautiful people, often at times you are ignorant about the beautiful people in your lives. Cherish them. Picture source : Internet

Am Selfish and I know it #4

So today I was working at the mall trying to sell hair styling tools, it was a slow Monday, I was going round and round the kiosk for the millionth time when a bald guy came in. Him: "Hey what 's going on at your store"  Me: *Wondering how I could make a sale today* " Um we sell hair straighteners and hair care stuff" Him: *Smoothed his bald shiny head* "Do you have a fix for my head?" Me: *Modest smile * "Ah well if you have a girlfriend, do bring her along, we have plenty of things for her" Him : "Oh you are so mean!" We exchanged a fist punch and he went away.