This will make you smile!

Hey You,

So I started writing this on the back of my phone bill, as a revenge to my cell phone providers for sending me a huge bill. The thought of two digits on my bill irritates me, now my selfish instinct to upgrade phones, provided me with a three digit number on the bill. Well clearly I earn very little now, at least I am happy I have people to lend money from. (Hope they will never see this)

So as I was saying, I have this theory, in order to make yourself you or let's just say to make you the best version of yourself, you might just have to create a necessity so that you will find a need to be the best version of yourself.

That's what I did, when my boss pays me, I go spending it all to create the necessity, be broke again , so that I will try harder to  earn a better job, study more to get there. I know that all my efforts to be broke  again will  pay off one day! ( Yeah I am being silly again)

Yeah don't ever take me seriously I am writing this to avenge the hideous phone bill. And if I can make you happy, well then I am happy too.

Hey You! Yeah You. No matter how bad your day is, just remember it is just a necessity you have created to bring out the best in you.



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