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And when I kissed my mom...

Wow yet another post about my mother....! Oh how much I love her, and how much I hesitate to tell her that. MOM, the one person who irritates me to her very maximum potential, the one person who takes pride in comparing her daughter with all the loosers and yet calls her daughter the biggest looser..( was that one little harsh??sorry mommy !!trust me you will be smiling after readin this whole) I know am this horrible daughter according to you , I know I always question you ,more than I am supposed to ,plus I got this 'DADDY's GAL' tag , which you're envious of , but I'll never say that , just because I cannot stand a tear in your beautiful eyes. MOM MOM MOM you're definately one of a kind, no one can ever replace you! WE have this complicated mother -daughter relationship, which according to me is more than complicated, more than sophisticated realtionship, but the funny part is I love the NAGGING you! Because I understand that, it