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The moment you hate everybody, is the moment you will learn to love yourself!



She was born through cries and guilt,
the prize of limitless pleasure of two.

Out of doubt, of a ductile couple,
yet the desirable one,
she could only be.

When morning came her laughter filled,
but her secret cries were under wraps.

Dolls and trains and all other playthings,
made her world a sublime place.

Named every toy in her own way,
the possessive Jane she always was.

Growing up like a charming spell,
she was loathed by eyes far and near.

Love had happened more than once.
Of thrust, of fear,
but it was still love!

"You must be the rich young wife,
of that merchant,
from the far flung land!"

Said the wolfish mother,
when her girl was sleeping.

She fought for her dreams,
but her mother never listened.

Wolfish pride and prestige,
made her loose her only child.

"You can still win me back ma;
 only if you start listening slow!"

The daughter mumbled,
when her mother was sleeping.

Still the mother didn't know ,
those were Ava's last leaving words!

When first …

Cages are for the love birds. Eagles are meant to fly!