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23.00 Exams had taken it's toll on me, even when I made sure that I don't stress myself too much with the exams,  6 hours of sleep still couldn't help me. That moment I hit the sack, I dozed off, I was sleeping like a baby. 00.39 I remember tossing to my right and I remember my messy hair was untied. And then I heard this buzz approaching my left ear, later I felt some tiny virtual missile being launched into my ears to destroy Neetha.!!! I jumped off the bed, looked around and saw my darling roomies sleeping sound unaware of the cannibal inside my ear! There was no pain, but there was some definite restless attempts to fly inside my ear. I quickly thought about one of the "WHAT TO DO WHEN..." tips , I read in a magazine, when something gets inside your ears. * FLASHLIGHT* I was very certain that my efforts to find a flashlight will prove futile in the middle of the night! I found the best alternative, NOKIA PHONES! I took my roommate


#1 I was out for lunch with a girl pal of mine, just to pretend that I was dead conscious about the health, I started scanning the menu for a vegan diet. But she insisted to order broast. I couldn't escape her persuasion. I was on the verge of loosing the battle for my garden fresh green salad and then I said, "Hey do you know that chicken broast can actually put you at 97.99% risk of BREAST CANCER!!?? " * silence* She :  Neetha let us order that green salad!


That day was different, I decided to force myself to wake up to the reality I was responsible for and was part of all these years. I was home for two days , and Cochin was burning, probably on "Mission Dehydration"! I couldn't even get out of the house, I turned on the TV and tuned into NGC, it could be this million dollar coincidence, but what I  saw was glaciers melting, huge heaps falling into the ocean and joining the water-bodies. It was said that if the entire glaciers in the planet melt, the water level in the sea can rise up to 6 meters ! That's enough to submerge the planet and wipe out life. The summer heat coupled with an additional 1 hour of power cut means, you are forced to turn into the sweating machine. I thought to step out of home, to see how much of a summer hell it was for the outdoor workers. It was like stepping into some coal furnace, I could barely look forth, even after carrying a giant umbrella. At least I was thankful for the gov