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A little more "Bit of nothingness"..!

            Not that am under any irrevocable mental trauma ,  nor was I under any, when I wrote this long time back,  but just for the sake of posting or just for the sake of praising that beautiful feeling- Loneliness! Another perspective...                      It is when our friends abandon us that we go in search of 'Loneliness' for aid, we share our silliest thoughts in the deepest solitude, but a time will come when we turn back to our friends and we abandon 'Loneliness'. A beautiful betrayal..... In those hands he lies when his pals were away and shared the thoughts like two unknown strangers cursed his childhood companion and praised you dear ‘Loneliness’ Happier were  you than a bride on her wedding Lifted away by those deceiving words Frail as a feather easily shattered is your mind, when he- turned back to his friends But in your lonely dreams again you found company praying always to seek friendship