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Hope and Faith

Hope is what leads to prayer and faith is what completes it.

The Dirty mind

Every punter has it, nonetheless few are not abashed of it. As for me my vicious self compels me to write about it. Once back in college, the lecturer was dictating notes in the afternoon hour regarding transformer construction, and I was multitasking with sleep and scribbling. Suddenly I paused, and just like a meerkat I raised my neck to check the guys' reaction.Everybody except me continued  with the writing. I was the aberrant one, looking around to detect the slightest flury-up of laughter. I was certain about what I had heard, but to avoid unwanted attention from the teacher due to my sudden stillness and bizarre look, I slowly lowered my head and secretly giggled. I wanted to know why no one could sense the raunchy humour in the dictated notes, or am I the only one with the dirty mind? My mind pondered. I took a quick glimpse of the last line of my friend's notes.The legible letters echoed inside my head. "THE TRANSFORMER'S WALLS