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Information Technology leading to a polarized society??

The world is never static, advancement in science today will be an old folk lore of tomorrow, likewise the much sought after as well as the much debated Information Technology should not be analyzed with a pessimistic approach. When Apple Inc launched its first personal computer kit in 1976, people argued that a common man cannot do anything with a PC in his home. But now in 2013 Apple Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic gadgets, computer electronics and software providing 80,000 jobs worldwide. Yes information technology is a way of life for some, but it is only because of this advancement  in technology that we can hold the entire world in our palms. Information technology brought the world closer. From relief activities during natural disasters to defense  and even satellite technology we are only improvising. Just like a coin having two sides, Information Technology has its demerits too. Focusing the attention to the developing countries, cle

Happiness also depends on the person you want to share it with.

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Brightest one up in the sky, I found love again, in your glare so still. Patient and stationary, and yet there is love. A love so deep, deeper than the darkest skies. Captivated you are, behind those cloudy bars. Still am captivated by your powerful glare. Worldly and mortal, my earthly self. And still you chose me, over the heavenly treats. Patiently I wait, for the mighty one to set. For your brightness can't be seen by all! There is a poet in you, who picked the night; over the day, to visit me all day. A love so serene. A love so secretive. Am even scared to whisper it to myself. Hiding behind- those cloudy bars we are left to stare. for I won't leave, the 'ONE' for you! Picture Source : Internet


One night during my hostel days, my roommate came to me all electrified. She was  blushing like  a sexy tomato. I had never seen her this exhilarated. I asked her what the matter was. She *still blushing*: Darling, I know how my wedding should be !! Me *all surprised* : Huh?? She *modest look* : I still haven't found the guy, but I know how my wedding  reception should be ! Me* intriguing look* : You do??!!! She : I will have two receptions on two different days .One for my relatives and his relatives, and the other for my friends and his friends ! *She was still blushing and all excited, waiting for my reaction* Me: That's amazing sweetie, but here's my catch, I am going to have two wedding receptions too. She *angry bird look* :You copy cat!!!! Me: Wait up, my two receptions will have two different grooms though!!!!

For Crystal

I have never thought of revealing a single page from my diary, but this was a very personal note I wrote for my late 11 year old second cousin couple of months back when we lost him. "I know you as Cristo baby and it was from the funeral note that I came to know you were actually Crystal.  You and my dad share the same birthday!  I know people could only look at you with pity and yet you could smile back at them, thinking how much they loved you, yes we all loved you and still we do, it is just that we are too obtuse to  understand your way of love, the kind of love untouched by defeat. I know you loved elephants and  airplanes, but you just proved you are stronger than everything, brave little one, you will be missed in our  hearts. I pray you are happy with Abba Crystal" Love Ann

A desire must be worth dying for!

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