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“I know not how I came, nor how I see you sheer, for the heavens gleamed when you were sent to these banks of mine. I have watched you grow with the lurking summer’s suns. I have watched you droop with the snow’s fluffy covers. Cried with you when your last leaves touched my waters. But even in your skeletal self, you were all I longed to reflect. If you had the ears and I had all the words in this world, I shall still stay silent and faithfully reflect your every curves. It is in the hush, and all that matters is our every hush, which shall truly keep you mine!” Photography : MADAPAT RAHUL NANDAN

Which one are you?

If you saw the lamp first, then you are a thinker. If you saw the PC first, then you are a machinist. If you saw the glasses first, then you have a clear vision. If you saw the pen first, clearly you are a writer:)

A story to be told must be a story to be heard

Sunday evening at Traynor, kitchener