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I saw a man from the bridge but didnt really see who he was Walking towards me in the strangest way that familiar face that familiar figure took one step back the adamant me that glimpse of darkness that covered his face turned more suspicious I have seen him and I know him too but couldnt even guess who he was He came closer So did I he flashed a smile I smiled too breathing hard I realized he was my Dad!! *sigh* My dad found it too hard to appreciate my work of sarcasm when I first wrote this in my 10th grade, for some odd reason this was even published in the school magazine..but the dead ultimatum - The "you are dead for me" look of daddy:( Even mommy had a good laugh..(she wouldnt if that awful stranger was her!;) ) and with all the due respect and love....I can genuinely say this-" I love You Dad"!!!!!!! The truth behind the death sarcasm            There was this friend of mine, real good in math but not much of a writer..(if yo


My life is as precious as these ten little words! PS: ( probably the longest PS ever:D) That's the outcome of a challenge . A challenge where this wickedly wise awesome youngman :D asked an ordinary wannabe me to write an autobiography in just ten words:D