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So a lot has been said about the way I dwell on the past, so why not write about today, about now! I am working past 5 pm, trying to find that one crucial data needed to proceed with calibration and scaling, the end effect was the mail I sent to the technical support, and hoping I get an answer before tomorrow I went back to the answer quest, and that’s when an another worker stopped by near my desk, he came in to check if everything was okay around, he was about to leave but he turned back again, stood staring at my feet, that’s when I realized, I was still living on the lazy habit of taking my shoes off while working, the weird part, I never really bother about the pair of socks, so what might have caught his attention would be the pink sock on my right foot and the purple sock on my left foot! We were talking about countries, cultures, currencies, he was talking like a simple man, he told me how he lost his finger while working in the factory, but out of all that was said wh

The man across the traffic lights

Between these city lights in this small town, I have never bothered to look clearly at the man I used to see every evening after I head to the residence from work, the skies distract me with its beautiful shimmering beak, the fast moving vehicles creates this excitement in me to chase them, but I wondered why I never bothered this man. We see each other as we stop and wait for the traffic lights to change, He is always on the opposite side waiting to get to this side with his bicycle loaded with packages, he is clearly in his fifty's still strong enough to stand the freezing weather unlike me. I hear him whisper greetings as we pass by when the roads pause for us to walk ahead, I wonder if he can see the smile in my eyes, since am all bundled up in the winter scarf. Hoping he gets the greeting I walk ahead, and this routine goes on day after day. I don’t know about his whereabouts, neither does he about mine, but I know the walk lasting seconds can bring a smile to the da


Would be unfair if I mention your name, would be even more unfair if I don't. But I have decided to keep you anonymous for now. I have known you for thirteen years and all these time, the one common thing about us mutated into a sisterly bond. Being the single child of our parents the world tagged us wayward and selfish. But we knew every rudiments of life. I must tell you I had the best times growing up with you. You taught me pain, you taught me love and kindness, you showed me the significance of being restless and dangerous as I would like to call it, and at the same time how to be generous with goodness. Three days back when you suffered the greatest loss of your life, I was cursing the day I decided to move to Canada, I know I haven't been there for you physically for the past 8 months, but I could not even give you my time, perhaps I got too selfish and dangerous and forgot about you and I feel insanely guilty about it. Change has truly transformed me and I am deepl