So a lot has been said about the way I dwell on the past, so why not write about today, about now!
I am working past 5 pm, trying to find that one crucial data needed to proceed with calibration and scaling, the end effect was the mail I sent to the technical support, and hoping I get an answer before tomorrow I went back to the answer quest, and that’s when an another worker stopped by near my desk, he came in to check if everything was okay around, he was about to leave but he turned back again, stood staring at my feet, that’s when I realized, I was still living on the lazy habit of taking my shoes off while working, the weird part, I never really bother about the pair of socks, so what might have caught his attention would be the pink sock on my right foot and the purple sock on my left foot!
We were talking about countries, cultures, currencies, he was talking like a simple man, he told me how he lost his finger while working in the factory, but out of all that was said what was worth treasuring would be this subtle thing he said, “If you cannot be in love with yourself, how can you love someone else”

That was the last thing he said, we smiled and he went back to his work.


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