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....and my experiments with 'Sorry'!

I call this the hesitant it the one hesitant to utter it...or the one hesitant to absorb it with a smile..! Even I was taught to use this magical word right from my childhood...but things changed after 4th grade...hell yeah I started hating it (literally HATING it!!!) 4th first time with the tuition!! ( Goodness knows why my parents sent me there... I was pretty good after all :D ) and there was this girl...3 years elder than me...ahh a real bugger! Still cant remember the reason...why we fought..and that young lady forced me to make a card for her..Me being the good Samaritan( doesn't actually goes with this one....still :D) made this beautiful card..telling her that I was sorry! And this is how it all ended :- Not just that she put the whole blame on front of everyone..but she even passed my card to every single that even they could have a good laugh! CROWD LAUGHING AT ME!!!!( This one eventually turned out to be my biggest fears- FEAR OF