....and my experiments with 'Sorry'!

I call this the hesitant word...be it the one hesitant to utter it...or the one hesitant to absorb it with a smile..!

Even I was taught to use this magical word right from my childhood...but things changed after 4th grade...hell yeah I started hating it (literally HATING it!!!)

4th grade...my first time with the tuition!!
( Goodness knows why my parents sent me there... I was pretty good after all :D ) and there was this girl...3 years elder than me...ahh a real bugger! Still cant remember the reason...why we fought..and that young lady forced me to make a card for her..Me being the good Samaritan( doesn't actually goes with this one....still :D) made this beautiful card..telling her that I was sorry!

And this is how it all ended :-

Not just that she put the whole blame on me...in front of everyone..but she even passed my card to every single kid...so that even they could have a good laugh!

CROWD LAUGHING AT ME!!!!( This one eventually turned out to be my biggest fears- FEAR OF PUBLIC HUMILIATION!)
I couldn't take it all....and I called it quit..the whole tuition disaster!

And what not I was evolving as the 'hypersensitive one'.... having that tag was an added advantage... people would come to you even if its you who messed it up :D

The later part of my life is called- Being an ass!

Lost a few good people just out of ignorance, out of my ego....even because of me being sensitive! Worst part is that I still haven't taken any move from my part to dissolve the wrong that I did! Few might even believe that am pretending to be someone else....running away
( ummmm...phew ) just that I always prefer being the escapist...and am scared!

The recent part of my life is called - growing up yet again!

Its too ironic ...when you realize everything its always too late, too late to mend all the broken pieces...but the beauty of it is that you're still refining yourself! Let's just say few good deeds added light to my life....and it's always good to keep that little faith that someday ...."EVERYTHING'S GONNA BE ALRIGHT " :)

And this is what I learned....

1. When you're wrong admit it quickly and emphatically

2. If the person is still not ready to listen to you- let it go!( I love this part:D)

3. If it's an age old wound....wait for a little more.. till time heals it..and if time cheats..uhhh well be bold enough to make the move!

"Sorry seems to be the hardest word" - ELTON JOHN

and to all my dear ones if ever I did hurt you...am sorry from the bottom of my heart! :)

PS:- I wish a few people actually read this...just my stupid way of telling that am sorry!


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