This is my weight loss story and I won't recommend it

I have never wanted to be a Health blogger, boasting about ways to go vegan, feed on green fluids which tastes like an exploded veggie dynamite in your mouth.

But I have to do this, yes I used to be one of those females cutting off dairy, cutting off gluten, cutting off sugar and all the wonderful things from my life. Yes two months back I had the most paper thin body of all. And I did this all just to clear up my face. I went down to shocking 40kg! I was falling ill frequently.

The worst part, I was still so stubborn with my diet, I was happy with the fact that my face was clearing and that's when I started forgetting about my health. 

For my 25th birthday, it somehow struck me, that I had to stop this. I got so paper thin. It was then that I ended the months old diet.

I started feeding on cheese, meat, sugar. Clearly for the first few weeks I could see all the side effects on my skin, I thought no to bother and kept going. The following week, I  finally felt flesh on my body after months. Surprisingly enough, my skin got used to the diet too, and the breakouts reduced. I felt so guilty for having made my body go through all the weight loss.

Two more weeks passed and I was feeling great, but I still had this horrible habit of skipping meals.
Until last week, something went wrong, and I got the food poison. Even though my body was getting better, it was way too much all of a sudden.

I was throwing up everything I was having, I was tired of the constant trips to the washroom. It took me a week to get better again. And I lost yet another couple of pounds. My body was not strong enough to battle the foreign attack. I was tired, dizzy and miserable.

So lesson learned, a great skin won't take me anywhere if I lack a healthy body. Now I make sure I eat and when I say eat, I am eating healthy, eating rich, and eating at the right time. No more skipping meals. 

You need to have a balance of proteins, fats, carbs in your diet. Never ever skip your meals, you are only depriving your body of  its basic survival kit.And I might sound all crazy but you need to have the green power in your food along with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Never stay hungry, keep it a point to snack healthy, instead of having heavy meals, have lighter meals in small intervals.

And just like the doctor says, stay hydrated, relaxed and active.

PS: Drink peppermint tea to cure your tummy :P

Take care,
Ann( Still not a health blogger)

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