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I was lost and cried in an empty hole And I walked and walked through the empty walls Every door intact Every floor so morbid And endless was that empty hole. I could see no man I could hear no God. And I walked and walked through the empty hole. When high up in the sky I saw a horse fly It shined so bright In its every flight Like the brightest ring for the hazel bride And the ring thrown down to reach its bride. And I was flying Flying from my empty walls ...

You never die when you die..

Death is where ,even your enemies stay idle and pay you respect. Death is where all your purpose will be revealed. Death is where you long for another life. Death is where you long to start over start fresh ..

Pulse needed

I never had thought I could ever have brought A tear for three A prayer for thee Three person I know not Their names unknown Their self not shown On earth, they are They are here no more The pulse all they needed Yet the beat never succeeded And the one who won Could sing for none I sing for three The three unknown For your loved ones And all in all The earth, they left The three unknown Their loved ones And all in all Still it beats It beats inside That pulse you missed Inside you and me And all in all

Days are forever..!!

"Happy days are over now" Said the daughter to her father Perching on the endless stairs Counting the days one by one And one day I'll leave I'll leave you my father To some stranger's arm And I'll leave you my father The withering tree you will be Weakened by the loss of the child And I am afraid I am afraid my father For I cant loose you Never ever my father. "Happy days are forever my love" Said the father to his daughter Leading you to the endless stairs And you shall prosper And only prosper my love The day will come And you will leave me then Into that stranger's arms My careful choice for you And in that stranger's love You will find me again.. Photography  Through the eyes of  MADAPAT RAHUL NANDAN!

About giving

Giving is precious, giving is divine, but only if you give yourself.

Almost copied..!!

My name is NEETHA ANN MARY( that's the one in my birth certificate too), my dad's name is AUGUSTINE GABRIEL SOJAN, exactly he's got three names but still didn't bother sharing one with me!!!! I think my parents forgot to name me properly, but when I entered school my mother started tagging a 'S'( as in S for SOJAN :D) with my name. And that's the name in all the school records too...!! I have a different name in the church, ANN MARY CELINE .How unfortunate can that be, different names for different stages of life????:'( But if I tag along our family name, I can be the proud owner of rich majestic name, NEETHA ANN MARY CELINE VEVKATT;) (even then my parents didn't officially name me so..! They simply gave me three feminine names!) Or may be they are patiently waiting for me to get married so that I can tag along a name I love( more than tagging along the name of the one I love! ;) ) The absence of a masculine name didn't bother me all