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Am selfish and I know it! #3

I was covering up for my friend at a store at the mall, it wasn't a busy day. I was sitting there staring at every single person walking by. Suddenly I saw a man waving at me with a tissue, I could only see his lifted arms and smile, I was truly flattered by the effort he made to smile so happily at me. I didn't want to disappoint the guy, I waved back smiling. He was even more happy to see this. He smiled some more waving the tissue higher and walked by. And then I realized, he wasn't really smiling at me!  He was in fact gesturing that he was taking the paper towel kept in front!

Beautiful People #2

I met her today after a long time, she was so happy to see me, I was so sad that I never even missed her a little. She is not the bravest person  I have seen, but I know she's the reason why I am alive today. she once told me, " Fear is the first sign of an insight, don't you give in, fight for your dreams Ann!" And I remember feeling great after talking to her every single time. I am so happy to have you back, welcome back Ann! I really really missed you! Yours, Ann!