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MAD LIFE : Lesson 1

I thought I was growing up...stuck in the midst of 'machine ratings and specifications, IC's and personal complications'...but then I still wasn't learning... And then I learned the most important lesson- TO SMILE FROM INSIDE A quick note of love and gratitude to these little naughty angels :D ! Thanks to li'l Akhil - who taught me it's okay to smile if you got bad teeth!:D Thanks to li'l Alan - who taught me how to stay precious and always protecting that careless smile Thanks to li'l Praveen & Ulaas - who taught me how to fight for the ultimate smile :D Thanks to li'l Sanal - who taught me , the simple theory- Hard work can be the best formula for an ever-long smile Thanks to li'l Rajeev - who taught me, it's okay to feel left out, you can at least have everybody's attention, including my attention ;) and in the end d genuine smile of relief!!!!!! I know am supposed to teach you all,