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I am the drifter.
The fear I seek,
The fear seeks the drifter.I change and change,
and change no more,
till I reach my soul.The soul so idle,
like a tranquil mountain.Still it transcends,
just to reach the drifter.The drifter can be the underdog,
those leftover crumps,
I drool over.That somebody ,I can even be,
throwing away the leftover.The drifter is the faith,
When I falsely fall.The drifter is the seed,
for I leave behind another.And yes! There is ,
There is a drifter in you,The faith,the seed,
The underdog,
That somebody,I change and change,
and change no more,
Till I reach my soul.I change, and I live on,
I stay, and I wither,
Yet leaving a drifter in you!


If loving was to please,
then I haven't loved any.If winning was to cease,
then I didn't win any.If the waves had paused
to please the earth,
then it's still not love for me.There it rose like the macaw suns,
to impress it's lady earth.And here it died down,
a brave suicide,
to impress it's lady earth.I still find no love,
in the waves or in me.But I find love in the lady earth,
who gave it's every gravel,
to the stagnant waves so brave,
and said,"I will let you love me".Now I have been loved
by a father and mother,
all these years ,
with the heart of feather.
No greater love than them.And what I gave back,
the father the mother,
was still not love for me.If loving was to please,
then I haven't loved any.I was the pleaser,
torn and hurt,
but never ever loved,
loved by any in the quest."A lot loved" was just a phrase,
loved by meager pleasers.
For when the real love comes,
you can always say,
with the strength of the earth,
"I will l…