I am the drifter.
The fear I seek,
The fear seeks the drifter.

I change and change,
and change no more,
till I reach my soul.

The soul so idle,
like a tranquil mountain.

Still it transcends,
just to reach the drifter.

The drifter can be the underdog,
those leftover crumps,
I drool over.

That somebody ,I can even be,
throwing away the leftover.

The drifter is the faith,
When I falsely fall.

The drifter is the seed,
for I leave behind another.

And yes! There is ,
There is a drifter in you,

The faith,the seed,
The underdog,
That somebody,

I change and change,
and change no more,
Till I reach my soul.

I change, and I live on,
I stay, and I wither,
Yet leaving a drifter in you!


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