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FU**ed UP rhymes!!

It all started with one bold thought from the lucid me " ANY BASTARD CAN WRITE A BOOK!!" Now the question is HOW TO BE THE SMART BASTARD?? Simply because "A WELL THOUGHT THOUGHT IS NEVER APPRECIATED IF NOT READ BY WELL THOUGHT":D Either I should be sticking to the general trend...writing about Controversial item Or erotica Or may be a highly personal note Or perhaps stick to my trend of Confused out of the world thoughts.. Whatsoever you call it one proud veteran struggler..deep in contemplation...who genuinely envied best seller authors...hoping that one day  the jealously takes me somewhere!:D Miserable to be the smart bastard..and my futile efforts to make a rhyme Attempt 1 Rewinding back to the tender teenage...and our first class in science where a bunch of teenagers were  taught about Adolescence  !! And my teacher went on elaborating about the changes :p To m
A well thought thought is never appreciated if not read by a well thought!

Outcome??? Outcome!!!

                   Flash back to an October evening  last year when everything was calm and quite...and I was practically jobless during my study holidays! And my slim fit phone beeped the text was Mr. Marcian( name changed :D) He probably was back home after a fight with his best friend cousin on "SHOULD THERE BE RULES AND REGULATIONS , BOUNDARIES AND TIME LIMITS FOR AN ARTIST??" (sounded a boring topic for me to fight for... I mean guys can fight over more macho issues...!! Spare the Good damn artists!!:P) And that was when this efficient Mr. Marcian gave me this challenge to write a poem in just one day....and the topic was " A LETTER TO THE FUTURE ME...FROM THE PRESENT ME" The conditions pinned along with the topic were 1.It should make me happy every time I read it in the future 2.There should be hope and happiness in the lines Mr. Marcian even gave me an eg :- Just like the poem Marshal wrote for future Marshall (HOW I