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Sweet Bastard

That Sweet Bastard was nothing but cute, his rotten teeth was black and when he smiled he had the look of a tiny pirate. He was in his baby stroller and he was facing me when we were in the bus. I fell in love with the little one instantly, he made sure he had all my attention flashing his rotten smile. Oh boy! Why are toddlers this cute! I think he likes me too, I saw him pulling down his hoodie creating a window between our smiles. And the very next moment he pulled up his hoodie and smiled like the pirate. This went on for few minutes. Well I was loving the attention too, I started playing the same hide and seek game with him. I saw him pointing his finger at me and talking to his mommy. I couldn't hear him out since I had my ear phones plugged in. I thought not to bother, since my little pirate came back for the game again and started his round two of the rotten cheesy smiles. I saw him pointing his finger at me and I saw him talking to his mommy again. I wanted to kno

Beautiful People #1

He said she is the world to him. "She is so brilliant and beautiful, there is nothing impossible for her, she can even conquer the sun if she wants to" 'He' was the old man I met at the walkway, and 'she' was his daughter! Picture Source : Internet