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              Footprints can only remain SAND's memory, by the time it imprints the sand another footprint sweeps it away.....eventually million footprints carrying countless gravel makes the SAND. Mother , oh mother! don't throw me ever for I am afraid of that distant land. That cry was real heard and same That little boy's called the diabolic seed And that tiny gravel's snuggled in the footprint sole Thrusting hard the footprint sole taking away the tiny gravel Tightly embracing, the little boy's mother, that diabolic seed only loved by her Set free to the world the boy and the gravel When they walked away from their mother and their world. Million lives they led and imprints on the sand Still all they wanted to go back to their mother. Mother, oh  mother! am here, am here! And am no longer afraid of that distant land That cry was real same yet unheard! When the footprints returned, the sand there no more! For the