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I am the battleground, am the savior, I am the death bed, and I am the pilgrimage, I am THE HOSPITAL. One thousand faces, one million thoughts, I am their life. 7 th floor 12.00 am New day began with the baby crying as it entered the new world, still unable to open its delicate eyes. He was safe in his mother's womb for the much awaited 9 months. Now he's all alone. The baby could only wonder why.Why there's this bliss around him when he's crying? And then he found the answer, when he felt the protection, the affection, the comfort and the unconditional love, when his mother's wet lips touched his tender forehead. And another delicate kiss from his father. The baby stopped crying. Tears came trickling down the new parents' cheeks. TEARS OF JOY! I rejoiced with the family. 6th floor She saw her baby after the impatient wait, the 9 months after the broken marriage, and still ,all she's got now is her baby. TEARS O