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Gifting Miss 'T' !

I have never believed gifting as an art not even when I had written an article for my friend's page for Valentine's day titled the 10 best  gifts for Valentine's day! But I must say I enjoy gifting, there was some silly joy in it, I love to see the person smile. This year I thought to take my gifting habit to a whole new level. Thanksgiving 2015! It's been a year and half in Canada and I am still a novice when it comes to traditions, I am not sure if this is the conventional way, but I thought to get something for my cousin 'T'. As a token of thanks for the best times I had in Canada.  I got her a box of Lindor Chocolates and an indoor potted lilac orchid plant. I am a total failure at surprises, I  accidentally  asked T if she loved orchids! "Are you bringing flowers??LOL!" " Oh no no, I am bringing an orchid pie, hope you like orchids", I said trying to cover up the lie. "Oh really, aww, but how does i


I am a happy person today, I was happy about everything  today. The work I did, the Bacon and English Muffin breakfast I ate for supper, the over sized tees I wore to work, the smudged eyeliner. It was a day unplanned, it was a day I woke up to laziness but turned out well. It was just a regular day, but it was a happy day today!