Gifting Miss 'T' !

I have never believed gifting as an art not even when I had written an article for my friend's page for Valentine's day titled the 10 best  gifts for Valentine's day!

But I must say I enjoy gifting, there was some silly joy in it, I love to see the person smile. This year I thought to take my gifting habit to a whole new level.

Thanksgiving 2015!

It's been a year and half in Canada and I am still a novice when it comes to traditions, I am not sure if this is the conventional way, but I thought to get something for my cousin 'T'.

As a token of thanks for the best times I had in Canada.  I got her a box of Lindor Chocolates and an indoor potted lilac orchid plant.

I am a total failure at surprises, I accidentally asked T if she loved orchids!

"Are you bringing flowers??LOL!"

" Oh no no, I am bringing an orchid pie, hope you like orchids", I said trying to cover up the lie.

"Oh really, aww, but how does it taste like, I have never tasted flower pies before", she said, all innocent.

" Oh they taste like orchids", I said secretly laughing.

I never thought she'd believe the lie!

The next day as she came to pick me up, I gave her the chocolates and the  ORCHID PIE!!!

Now what I saw was truly priceless, we were laughing all the way!

T's Birthday 2015!

T and I were over the Orchid pie joke. A month later came T's bday. I knew I had to make the gift extra special.

It was a Sunday and I thought to hit the mall in search of the perfect gift for T.

Now we girls love to shop, the list is always endless. I thought to get her an elegant dress. I spend half of the day roaming around different stores, but nothing really got me. I was really sad. I never wanted to settle in  for something usual.

Then I thought to hit the Green Earth Store.  Green Earth is one store I always stop by. I appreciate the innovation, the peaceful aura and the vibe of the shop. Every single thing in the shop has a story of it's own. I though to give it a try.

And there it was the perfect place, I found it all, just as I wanted.

The first one in the bag was the candle holder bowl with the hidden message which shows up when you light a candle inside it.

The second one on the list was the slow brew sloth. Now this little guy has an open-able tummy, you place the loose tea leaves inside, secure the little sloth and dip him in your tea. Gives people the impression that the sloth is taking a hot water bath in your tea mug!

Number 3!! : Two scented candles of the flavor Mango and Caramel to go inside the secret message Candle Holder Bowl.

The Fourth : The Endless Knot, now this is sheer beauty with the deepest meaning of all, it's handmade and denotes no beginning and no ending of the relationship between the one who gives the gift and the receiver!

And to top it all I added this card.

Now now this was even more priceless than Thanksgiving, I saw T's hands shivering as I guided her through the gifts. She was truly smiling and I was the happiest person to have seen it all.


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