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All the wonderful people are MAD!!!

I'd been to Jaymata Boys home only thrice, I still don't even know all the kids, but there's something about the place and the kids which keep us glued to it, all I know is they're this wonderful gems, and they'll love you with whole heart. First day of ma shadow class...! Phew I will never forget that, I was so freaking tensed, and yeeahhh turned out to be one of the best days!!! Getting them all into the class, getting to meet the shy ones, and not to forget the restless ones! Truly unforgettable . Introducing Rajeev!! Lil Rajeev is in the 7th grade, probably the first one to introduce himself among the 10 others. He always got this wonderful grin, and was very candid talking about himself, how good a singer he is, and how desperately he wanted to sing in the class:) When we were about to leave the boys home the first day after class, this lil dude came to me and my friend and asked our nos. We made him write it down in a rough paper, and both my fr