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This is neither any confession page of a rapist nor any victim's column, these are in fact my myopic eyes' dirty tricks on me. #1 Once during a library hour in school I had my face buried in the latest copy of  The Hardy Boys. And in came my friend with a book in her hand. I was so irritated that I wanted to shoo her away and get back to my boys' adventures! I took a quick glimpse at the book in her hand and read, " AREEESAYYY AWAAKAAYYY . " "Now why did you grab a French book?? ", I added. She was so startled to hear that from me, not only was she offended, but I even made her doubt her reading abilities. Yes it was rude but more than that it wasn't any French book after all, it was written in plain English and the title read, " ARISE AWAKE  - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA " #2 Exactly two years after the mayhem of ARISAAYYY AWAAKKAYY my eyes managed to do it again. It was my 11th grade year and I was reading a poem by Kamala

The rule for being sane is not faking a smile.

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Calm before the storm

The vastness of the skies terrifies me. The sound of the hungry seagulls baffles me. Every pebble I stepped on seemed prettier than me. But I know this search is beautiful, as long as I stay calm before the storm. Photography : MADAPAT RAHUL NANDAN


Appa and Amma, As much as I want the world to hear me out, I don’t want you to hear this. It has been seven days since I went away and it took me seven days to truly cry my heart out.  I was frozen even in the approaching summer days.  Even when I wanted to make myself vulnerable, to let go of everything I was holding up for days, I could only freeze under the fluffy blankets. I was lost , I was knocking at stranger's doors to get back on my way back, I had people I knew laughing at me, I had this dream where you came here, to take me home and it was just us again. I woke up from fantasies to weep like a little  girl and I kept telling myself, "It is okay Ann, no one is here ,you can cry all you want and clean up the mess afterwards and be strong again" I look around to see this beautiful  place around me and you are not here with me, May be now it is my turn to take us home, and that keeps me going. Waiting is such a beautiful phase now