This is neither any confession page of a rapist nor any victim's column, these are in fact my myopic eyes' dirty tricks on me.


Once during a library hour in school I had my face buried in the latest copy of  The Hardy Boys. And in came my friend with a book in her hand. I was so irritated that I wanted to shoo her away and get back to my boys' adventures! I took a quick glimpse at the book in her hand and read,


"Now why did you grab a French book?? ", I added.

She was so startled to hear that from me, not only was she offended, but I even made her doubt her reading abilities.

Yes it was rude but more than that it wasn't any French book after all, it was written in plain English and the title read,



Exactly two years after the mayhem of ARISAAYYY AWAAKKAYY my eyes managed to do it again.
It was my 11th grade year and I was reading a poem by Kamala Das, I even went on to read the 'About the Author' section to completely assimilate the contents, I paused at this particular section. thought for a while and read out loud," PAAADAMVETTYY THE HARLOT."

I heard peels of laughter in the classroom and then I heard this guy saying," Neetha, isn't that PADMAVATI THE HARLOT??"


As much as I hated the burning weather, I absolutely loved the south Indian dishes! I was walking around the streets with my dad and something caught my eyes, I stopped him suddenly and asked in a confused tone,"Appa what do they mean by that, PURELY BUTTERFLY MASALADOSA??!"

"I thought most of the Tamilians were vegans and not someone who would  feed on butterflies!!"

Even before I could talk any further my dad squeezed my arm, and demanded to put on my glasses.
And I read it again clearly," PURELY BUTTERLY MASALADOSA."


Chennai again!

We were at a bus bay waiting, and I read this flex board about an apartment. Just like always I fell for my eyes' tricks again.


And I thought," Oh!! So all the other apartments had hidden cameras??!!"

This time I didn't read it out loud, in order to confirm what I just read in my head I had my glasses on and then read it out loud, " FLATS WITH NO HIDDEN CHARGES"


And if you are still perplexed about the bizarre title of this post, simply concatenate the the words to get 'PSYCHOTHERAPIST'

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