Are you two together?

This is the most obvious question when a girl and a guy hangs out. But things got interesting when I went out with two of my guy friends.

This happened back in 2016. We were at a restaurant at Niagara falls. There was this enthusiastic photographer going to every table taking complimentary pictures. He finally came to our table and offered to take a picture. We agreed. The three of us sat together. I was in the middle.

Looking at me and the buddy to my left, the photographer asked, "Are you two together?"
To this, 'the left side buddy' said, "Nooooooo!"

The photographer did not give up. Looking at me and the buddy to my right side he asked,"Are you two together?"
To this, 'the right side buddy' said, "Nooooooooooo!"

The photographer just couldn't help the last question, he had to ask. Looking at both the guys he asked, "Are you two together?????"

To this the three of us said in unison - "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Now the real irony of the story is, I ended up marrying 'the left side side buddy'


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