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COLD "Trembling lips covering up, those secret whispers so unknown. Frozen fingers all curled up, tightly  wrapping that careless touch. Rigid and pale her ebbing body, loosing the charm and strength, once others envied. Now dead idle in the rainy cold Cold so cold…." *************************************** As she began to write, she found another pair of eyes eagerly running through those nine  lines of her incomplete poetry. Brushing aside her hair covering her  view she turned to her left to the owner of those eager eyes, that is when it occurred to her that she was in a moving train, surrounded by a crowd. Without thinking any further she shut closed her diary. It has been nine months past her break up with Sameer and still she was lost, perhaps the one sole reason for this train journey was to flee from the city of lost love. Gazing at the watch silently uttering the tick tock sound, she tried hard to indulge in the tone, effe

Your inability is when you fail to make yourself happy.