"Trembling lips covering up,
those secret whispers so unknown.
Frozen fingers all curled up,
tightly  wrapping that careless touch.

Rigid and pale her ebbing body,
loosing the charm and strength,
once others envied.
Now dead idle in the rainy cold
Cold so cold…."


As she began to write, she found another pair of eyes eagerly running through those nine  lines of her incomplete poetry.

Brushing aside her hair covering her  view she turned to her left to the owner of those eager eyes, that is when it occurred to her that she was in a moving train, surrounded by a crowd.
Without thinking any further she shut closed her diary.

It has been nine months past her break up with Sameer and still she was lost, perhaps the one sole reason for this train journey was to flee from the city of lost love.

Gazing at the watch silently uttering the tick tock sound, she tried hard to indulge in the tone, effectively ignoring the  restless crowd. Train journeys were the toughest, reminds her each time of the deserted journey in front.

Forced to get up from here seat, the tender escapist in her decided to walk through the compartment, unaware of the footsteps following her.


The sound of the water gushing down the pipe, filled her hands with water and splashed it onto her tired face. Looking up into the mirror she watched the cold drops trickling down her face.
As the moving train grew louder and wild, she decided to move closer to the compartment door, and she let the wind dry her lost wet face.

The wind was powerful and turbulent , she craved for such a protection in her life.

The train jerked more than it is supposed to, nearly throwing her into the urban hungry rails. She closed her eyes preparing for the end.

"How can death be less painful ? How can I still feel my nervous skin? And  how can I still hear my restless breathing if I died?"
She thought.

Finding hard to open her eyes, she heard the voice.

"You are just going to be alright "
As if woken up from a bad dream, she opened her eyes to see that 'someone' who just saved her life.


Nine months and another five more months are a lot of time to fall in love again.
Even when life pushes you down from the highest tower, there can still be a selfish hope  that someone will be there to save you, to bring you back to life again.

She continued to write, turning  to her left she smiled at the once stranger's eyes clutching  his right arm and resting her head on his shoulder she began writing as the train took off from the station, yet again…

"And then you came
Secure and obstinate
Promising nothing
Still remained calm and strong
And I found love
In the arms of a stranger! "


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