I am the battleground, am the savior, I am the death bed, and I am the pilgrimage, I am THE HOSPITAL.One thousand faces, one million thoughts, I am their life.

7th floor 12.00 am New day began with the baby crying as it entered the new world, still unable to open its delicate eyes. He was safe in his mother's womb for the much awaited 9 months. Now he's all alone. The baby could only wonder why.Why there's this bliss around him when he's crying? And then he found the answer, when he felt the protection, the affection, the comfort and the unconditional love, when his mother's wet lips touched his tender forehead. And another delicate kiss from his father. The baby stopped crying. Tears came trickling down the new parents' cheeks. TEARS OF JOY! I rejoiced with the family.

6th floor
She saw her baby after the impatient wait, the 9 months after the broken marriage, and still ,all she's got now is her baby. TEARS OF JOY AND PAIN came running down the single mother's face. Keeping aside the pain of loosing the man of her life, she decided to wear the smile, for now she's a mother, and now she is not alone. For she should live for this little baby girl.I took pride in the lady's determination and courage.
5th floor
TEARS OF PAIN. The pain of loosing their dad, their support, their life, their everything, their DAD. Their lovely dad is there no more! The mother now left with 2 kids is all alone, for she lost the one, now it's a battle where she has to win.I made a silent prayer , a sincere silent prayer.

4th floor
PLEASE DON'T KILL ME...PLEASE DON'T KILL ME MOTHER, the baby cried, but they have decided ,and they have decided not to think any further. They are not human, they are the killers, and they have decided to kill their own baby. I have seen the hidden excitement of the zygote, how much she wanted to see her parents, how badly she wanted to live in this world, which she had never seen ,and never will see.
I could only turn away from those brutal animals with disgust.

3rd floor
He's counting , he's still got 2 more hours, the crucial two hours of his life. The tumor had nearly swallowed his entire cerebrum. And it's the final 2 hours. The doctors can end it now to free him of the poignant pain, but he pleaded for the time. He could only hug his wife and son, holding them close to his strong heart, which is now solely beating for them. How much he loved them, how badly he wanted to be with them, now nothing else matters, but the 2 hours.
My heart broke, I was left with tears unspoken.

2nd floor
Your life is precious, for it's from your father in heaven. You are here on earth for a reason and the reason not being to end your precious life. But how immature of the 19 year old, who could only find remorse in the sharp edges of the pen knife, risking it all, going through the pain for the NOTHINGNESS inside of him.
I walked out with shame.

1st floor

Sleepless hours and the wait is still on. Will they see their son again? Will he recover? Too many footsteps motioning in and out of the operation theater, the wait is still on for the final verdict, " YOUR SON IS ALRIGHT." An air of ease and an end to their anxiety. His father lifted up his arms thanking the ONE.
I saw the fear, I saw the pain, I saw the ease, and now I see the PRAYER. Thanking the mighty ALMIGHTY I walked out of the 1st floor.
It's still 12.00 am for the world, 24 more hours for the day to bid adieu, and for me the day never ceases, this is my life. This is me , THE HOSPITAL


"How to save a life?
Live it, to save it."


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