Almost copied..!!

My name is NEETHA ANN MARY( that's the one in my birth certificate too), my dad's name is AUGUSTINE GABRIEL SOJAN, exactly he's got three names but still didn't bother sharing one with me!!!!

I think my parents forgot to name me properly, but when I entered school my mother started tagging a 'S'( as in S for SOJAN :D) with my name.

And that's the name in all the school records too...!! I have a different name in the church, ANN MARY CELINE .How unfortunate can that be, different names for different stages of life????:'(

But if I tag along our family name, I can be the proud owner of rich majestic name, NEETHA ANN MARY CELINE VEVKATT;)
(even then my parents didn't officially name me so..! They simply gave me three feminine names!)

Or may be they are patiently waiting for me to get married so that I can tag along a name I love( more than tagging along the name of the one I love! ;) )

The absence of a masculine name didn't bother me all these 21 years, but when Mr. Marcian told me that it will restrict me from  visiting UNITED STATES( since I blindly believe Mr. Mracian, I still haven't checked the authenticity of the notion yet;) )  I decided to search for a guy with a fabulous name..!!!:D

And that was when I thought about  an old article I read, couple of years back, "WHAT'S IN A NAME?" BY BHUVAN MOHAN

It goes like this
Mr.Bhuvan Mohan was in need of some office documents , and in order to get that  he'd to travel all the way to Meghalaya.

On reaching there he walked into an isolated single storied office in the middle of nowhere. The place was unbridled by the British ruins, there was just this middle aged man in the office. Mr. Mohan asked the officer about the necessary documents. The officer agreed to provide Mr. Mohan with all the relevant data.

Just after this conversation the officer yelled at Mr. Mohan, "GET OUT..!!!".

With wide astonished eyes Mr. Mohan took a step back.

And within the blink of an eye, a short dark plump man,  dressed in just dhoti came running into the office. This short man and the officer, made a quick conversation between themselves in their native language, and before leaving this man asked Mr. Mohan, if he want anything to drink...!

Now Mr. Mohan was perplexed than ever , he thought about the officer who asked him to 'GET OUT' for no reason, he even thought about this man from nowhere who asked him , if he want a drink?..!!

Mr. Mohan grabbed all the courage and asked the officer about the entire faux pas ...

To which the officer laughed, made a quick apology  and said," You see Mr. Mohan, words like 'GET OUT', 'COME IN','HELLO','DARLING', 'KISS ME' are all of the British legacy, when our nation was under the British rule, they named the local men with these words for the ease of pronunciation even after the British rule, the native illiterate crowd continued naming their newborn,'HELLO', 'DARLING','KISS ME','COME IN',GET OUT' since these words sound exotic to the ears.!So I guess that explains it all".

There was this relief on Mr. Mohan's face afterwards, not for learning the history behind the entire nomenclature procedure, but he was so thankful that the short dark man's name was 'GET OUT' and not 'DARLING' or ' KISS ME'...!!!


And then I thought, maybe I should end my search for the man of my dreams( with a fabulous name;) )

I should better be thankful that my name is NEETHA ANN MARY  and not NEETHA DARLING KISS ME...!!!!! ;)


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