Would be unfair if I mention your name, would be even more unfair if I don't. But I have decided to keep you anonymous for now. I have known you for thirteen years and all these time, the one common thing about us mutated into a sisterly bond. Being the single child of our parents the world tagged us wayward and selfish. But we knew every rudiments of life. I must tell you I had the best times growing up with you.

You taught me pain, you taught me love and kindness, you showed me the significance of being restless and dangerous as I would like to call it, and at the same time how to be generous with goodness. Three days back when you suffered the greatest loss of your life, I was cursing the day I decided to move to Canada, I know I haven't been there for you physically for the past 8 months, but I could not even give you my time, perhaps I got too selfish and dangerous and forgot about you and I feel insanely guilty about it.

Change has truly transformed me and I am deeply sorry, I didn't even spare God, I could not understand why God was still so unfriendly, but it was all my way to escape my ignorance for not being there for you for the only time you needed me most. I was not at peace with myself, when I could not reach out to you even through a phone call. I feared about the grievous consequences of this loss.

Even when miles and seasons separated us, when I finally got to talk to you, I was never this happy to hear you again. You were not the person I knew. There was this spark in you waiting to be ignited to be a wildfire,you were transformed into this brand new individual, the one with the dream, the one to be feared, the one who will be remembered, and it was my happiest day.

I am not afraid anymore, I am just supremely positive about you, for I know you are truly the best thing that has ever happened to me, I promise to be with you always sister.

Much Love,


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