Brightest one up in the sky,

I found love again,

in your glare so still.

Patient and stationary,

and yet there is love.

A love so deep,

deeper than the darkest skies.

Captivated you are,

behind those cloudy bars.

Still am captivated

by your powerful glare.

Worldly and mortal,

my earthly self.

And still you chose me,

over the heavenly treats.

Patiently I wait,

for the mighty one to set.

For your brightness can't be seen by all!

There is a poet in you,

who picked the night;

over the day,

to visit me all day.

A love so serene.

A love so secretive.

Am even scared to whisper it to myself.

Hiding behind-

those cloudy bars

we are left to stare.

for I won't leave,

the 'ONE' for you!

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