Information Technology leading to a polarized society??

The world is never static, advancement in science today will be an old folk lore of tomorrow, likewise the much sought after as well as the much debated Information Technology should not be analyzed with a pessimistic approach.

When Apple Inc launched its first personal computer kit in 1976, people argued that a common man cannot do anything with a PC in his home. But now in 2013 Apple Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic gadgets, computer electronics and software providing 80,000 jobs worldwide.

Yes information technology is a way of life for some, but it is only because of this advancement  in technology that we can hold the entire world in our palms.

Information technology brought the world closer. From relief activities during natural disasters to defense  and even satellite technology we are only improvising.

Just like a coin having two sides, Information Technology has its demerits too.

Focusing the attention to the developing countries, clearly there is a majority, who are technically illiterate. 

This particular majority will have the tendency to diverge from the other section of society who are pampering technology.

The major problem arises when the people are reluctant to learn. As a result people fear the evolution of a polarized society.

The introduction of government aided programmes to provide free basic  computer knowledge in the developing countries was very effective.

Technology has also advanced so much that the parent can track their ward's personal computer's browsing history.

The introduction of firewalls and filters and safe internet browsers have also minimized the misuse of technology.

Therefore, information technology not only helps in higher income but also brings about ways to make our daily life easier and progressive.

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