One night during my hostel days, my roommate came to me all electrified. She was  blushing like  a sexy tomato. I had never seen her this exhilarated. I asked her what the matter was.

She *still blushing*: Darling, I know how my wedding should be !!
Me *all surprised* : Huh??

She *modest look* : I still haven't found the guy, but I know how my wedding  reception should be !

Me* intriguing look* : You do??!!!

She : I will have two receptions on two different days .One for my relatives and his relatives, and the other for my friends and his friends !

*She was still blushing and all excited, waiting for my reaction*

Me: That's amazing sweetie, but here's my catch, I am going to have two wedding receptions too.

She *angry bird look* :You copy cat!!!!

Me: Wait up, my two receptions will have two different grooms though!!!!


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