That day was different, I decided to force myself to wake up to the reality I was responsible for and was part of all these years.

I was home for two days , and Cochin was burning, probably on "Mission Dehydration"! I couldn't even get out of the house, I turned on the TV and tuned into NGC, it could be this million dollar coincidence, but what I  saw was glaciers melting, huge heaps falling into the ocean and joining the water-bodies. It was said that if the entire glaciers in the planet melt, the water level in the sea can rise up to 6 meters ! That's enough to submerge the planet and wipe out life.

The summer heat coupled with an additional 1 hour of power cut means, you are forced to turn into the sweating machine.
I thought to step out of home, to see how much of a summer hell it was for the outdoor workers.
It was like stepping into some coal furnace, I could barely look forth, even after carrying a giant umbrella.

At least I was thankful for the government's initiative to not to let people work outdoors from 1 pm - 3 pm to prevent the sun stroke.

The NH 47 road in front of our apartment is a 4 way busy line. I was standing at the bus bay, and I made a count of 35 automobiles passing by me in less than a minute.
Yes development it was. Driving a private car was a typical citizen's daily polluting activity.

The perfect combustion or the perfect burning of the fuel results in the byproducts ,water and carbon dioxide.

The incomplete combustion results in the formation of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Nitrogen oxides can cause acid rain.

Carbon monoxide reduces the flow of oxygen in the blood.

Hydrocarbon emissions due to the partial burning of fuel,react with oxides of nitrogen to form ground level ozone.

This ground level ozone can irritate the eyes, it causes smog, can contribute to respiratory ailments and even prove toxic by causing cancer.

Even though carbon dioxide is a product of perfect combustion, it is a "greenhouse gas", it can trap the solar rays,  and thus increase the planet's temperature.

Even with the promising young minds inventing ways for a greener earth, with the invent of catalytic converters and better engine designs, it is estimated that the fuel resources will be exhausted by the year 2150!

I was finally back home, exhausted, even after a 30 minute walk, the power was restored, and the first thing I did turned off the additional fans and lights!

Like it is said, "It is better late than never!"

1) Try to make use of public transportation.

2) Try not to use the air conditioners and refrigerators during  the peak hours.

3) Don't forget to switch off the lights when you step out of your rooms

4) Save water

5) Fight for a greener cleaner Earth.

Take a bit of your time to step out and LOOK AROUND!

Sources- Internet

Photography - Madapat Rahul Nandan


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