Exams had taken it's toll on me, even when I made sure that I don't stress myself too much with the exams,  6 hours of sleep still couldn't help me.
That moment I hit the sack, I dozed off, I was sleeping like a baby.


I remember tossing to my right and I remember my messy hair was untied.

And then I heard this buzz approaching my left ear, later I felt some tiny virtual missile being launched into my ears to destroy Neetha.!!!

I jumped off the bed, looked around and saw my darling roomies sleeping sound unaware of the cannibal inside my ear!

There was no pain, but there was some definite restless attempts to fly inside my ear.

I quickly thought about one of the "WHAT TO DO WHEN..." tips , I read in a magazine, when something gets inside your ears.


I was very certain that my efforts to find a flashlight will prove futile in the middle of the night!

I found the best alternative, NOKIA PHONES!

I took my roommate's phone and flashed the light into my ears.

Whatever that went in might have suffered some serious vision loss!

There was some more blind flying efforts, but this time I was the one, restless to fly.

Despite my rescue operations and it's SOS calls, it just couldn't get out.

"Try harder little one! One more last try, here we go!! " I said agitated.
I flashed the light one last time, now I was sure it had totally lost it's eyesight! But still it managed to fly out successfully!!

I was so curious to see what this creature inside was.
I focused the light on to my left side, and there I saw this tiny butterfly on the bed!

"Look at her!! Aren't we both two happy souls now??!"

I simply let it rest on my bed, and this time I blocked my ears with cotton balls and I went back to bed.


I don't remember how it started or how it ended, but this was my first dream later that night!

"The same butterfly found it's way into the mysterious cave yet again, and this time none of my rescue operations worked and it is stuck inside forever and I became the girl with the caged butterfly !!"


Again I don't remember, how that terrible dream changed without a happy ending!
But luckily in the next dream my ears were free and breathing. This time I meet this grey eyed German surfer, Steve, in the Cochin Metro.
(The Cochin Metro project has not yet started!)

And just like in the movies, it happens to be one of those beautiful romantic encounters with a foreign stranger!

But I get off the train after some 20 minutes, leaving Steve in the train.

I started walking alone and in some couple of minutes, two cops approached me and said the train I took was bombed and only Steve died!!

And that their only suspect is....ME!!

Even before I could speak, I am being taken into custody!

There..! one more dream which ended in a mess!

*7.00 am*

I was finally up! I simply stayed in bed..and in absolutely no mood to get up or meet anymore Steve..even in the dream!

I am not a morning person but I thought to get out of my LAST NIGHT SICKNESS at least I have something to write about now!!


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