*Alex calling*

*Alex calling*
*Alex calling*

His phone beeped.

He didn't pick up the phone, he went outside and made a quick scan at his phone and came back inside. What he was unaware was the fact that his wife was carefully watching his every move.

They were at a friend's place for dinner.  It was one of those visits they made to their friend's place after welcoming their new baby girl. They are a happy couple. Everything was perfect, great job, big money, great partners. Still she has started to pile on  her doubts. 

"Why wouldn't he pick up the call in front of me?" She thought about the ways husbands in movies used to hide the other woman's name with a guy's name, so that their wives wouldn't know.

"But Edaan would never cheat on me, we have a family and he's a great guy", She tried to calm herself. The baby cried in her arms, she was a chubby pink little one. Sarah kissed her baby to calm her down.

Edaan was watching his beautiful wife and baby from behind, he came closer to his wonderful family hugged them both and kissed Sarah. The baby smiled. Sarah smiled, and was guilty for having doubted Edaan.

They said good bye to their friends and was about to leave. Sarah secured the baby in the back seat of the car. Just then Edaan's phone beeped again.

*Alex calling*
*Alex calling*

Sarah pretended as if she wasn't bothered about the call.

"Sarah", Edaan called.
"You have to hear this"

Edaan picked the call and quickly put it on the speaker phone.

"Hello", Edaan said.

"Uh Hello, who is this?", asked the female voice on the phone.

"It's Edaan here, I am Alex's friend, we do business together. Who is this on Alex's phone?"

"Oh hi Edaan, am Alex's wife, I am so sorry for the trouble, I was almost on the verge of doubting Alex for cheating on me. I was just making sure it is not another woman on the other side with the name Edaan saved on the phone"


"Uh well Mrs. Alex now you know am pretty much real, Anyway you have a good night and keep all the doubts at bay"

"Haha, am sorry again Edaan, Good night"

The female hang up.

Sarah and Edaan laughed.

"Ah well Sarah, I feel so bad, I mean Alex is a great guy, hardworking, and at the end of the day, this is what he gets?"

"Yeah Edaan it is a funny world right"

"At least, I got lucky, my wife trusts me like rock, right Sarah?"

"Absolutely Edaan, Love you"

"Love you too Sarah"

The couple drove off.


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