I am selfish and I know it #5

I had a great day at work today, stepping out of my office doors, I thought I deserved a break. I drove to the nearest subway and ordered a chicken teriyaki sub. 

The meal was filling and I thanked myself for the much needed break. Stepping out of the building, I reached into my pant pockets to grab my car keys. I realized it wasn't there. I searched my sling bag quickly and realized I was at no luck. 

I went back inside and at that instant I was sure about one thing. 

I had carefully dropped my car keys into the trash.
I went to the counter. 

Me: Hi I am sorry, I think I dropped my car keys in the garbage.
Counter lady : Oh wow great!  I would never do that.
* laughs*
She started putting on her gloves to dig into the trash.

Me: I am really sorry.
Her: Oh that's alright we can look it up.
She opened the trash box and there it was lying on top amidst all the junks! 

I thanked them all, and thought about all the odds of being me, made a quick resolution to be systematic again and drove off.


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