Not everybody is lucky to have the one they love, but I am the luckiest. My world revolves around her. The most beautiful woman in the world, 'GIGGLES'.

I dance with her every single day to the same folk lore of Gabbie.

Gabbie the puppet master, who gave life to the puppet couples, GIGGLES & BUBBLES.

The twenty minutes of the evening puppet show was my favorite part of the day, that's when I can hold my angel close to my heart and sing Gabbies's song.

"Hush my love, I love you.
Now hush my love , I won't leave you."

That final kiss on her petite lips and the curtain cascades. It is the same story everyday, I love Gabbie for scripting my story so perfectly perfect.

Gabriel, one of the strongest person I have ever seen is a forsaken man, who left his home at the age of 14, trying to fathom life and the hostile world.

Gabbie the puppet maker was never the crowd's pet, foul mouthed people even spread rumors that Gabbie started this whole arrangement to allure young girls to sleep with him.

But I know the desolate puppet master, I know about his lost love and his intricate quest to find her again in every woman his was with.

One Sunday afternoon Gabbie found love again in Marge, the second most beautiful woman for me and the most beautiful woman for him.

Dressed in an amber knee length dress, Marge was a regular to the evening puppet show.

It wasn’t Gabbie's song or his presence, but it was  for my love for Giggles, that Marge was there everyday.

Gabbie  knew little about Marge, that she was hardly 21, she was mute, and that she would  leave the town soon.

He never spoke of his love to anybody, not even to himself, may be because he never had anybody.

The world is a cruel place for puppets, we are the epitome of forbidden emotions, be it for the unworldly happiness we portray, we are never allowed to cry.

Forbidden to cry, and that was the reality of Marge. Her mother throughout the 21 years  crafted it too well to conceal sadness from her daughter's life.

I can be too  blank even when I am lying next to Giggles in the still card board box, I question being in love and not belonging to each other.

That was when I saw this note on Gabbie's  book,

"This rain is for me,
To crush me in the drizzle,
For the lover and sober,
Crying out loud for me,
The only one who cried.

This rain is for me
dark and humanoid,
The only human I know!"

Marge was surely the only human he knew, the rest of the world was slothful.

But sooner I had started to hate Marge, as Gabbie's wrinkles began to grow wiser, he started forgetting our song.

One evening, the exhilaration of the old man to impress his Marge, threw my Giggles from my hands to the puppet platform.

Giggles was splintered. The crowd gathered and Marge was on her knees wailing, perhaps that was the first time she cried.

The puppet master heedfully placed my broken girl and me right back into the still card board box.

I wanted to tell him to cut my lips and shred my smile.  But I was a puppet, feigned to  smile with my fragmented love.

I saw Gabbie holding Marge's shoulder, lifting her up and holding her close, the old man kissed the woman he loved. Their love was incipient and strong.

 The old man approached the cardboard box to seal it. I saw no guilt in the man's eyes, I could only see lust, may be I was wrong all this time, he was just a master of artifice.

I wanted to protect Marge, for the first time I wished, if I was human for just one second, to at least save Marge from puppet master.

I was powerless, I tried to close my eyes and cry, I just couldn't do it.

Giggles and I were stuck in the darkness, devoid of song and dance, but I started to love the cold silence with her in the abyss.  But I never failed to pray for Marge everyday from the box.

One day I was singing to God,

"If only God could hear me,
Had I wanted to live again!
If only God could hear me,
Had I wanted to love again!"

Right after I was finished, a mystical orange bleak of light pierced my eyes, I could see a face, but the light was beaming.

I looked carefully and I saw Marge's hands reaching me, she took me out from the box, my feet touched the crisp sand grains.

I looked ahead and I saw a radiant Gabriel nearing us.

He kissed Marge and said," Now let me fix your Giggles.!"

Gabbie carefully placed me back into the opened box, and walked with Marge carrying the box to their new little home.

And I heard Gabbie singing,

"Hush my love, I love you.

Now hush my love , I won't leave you."


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