Dear Damini,
                     I am just a girl like you, born to a world unknown for months, and our world before had cased us safe.
But we never belonged there, we were never needed there, the day we were born the case whispered ,
" A...B....C...D"

We never knew what the case meant then, we grew up..sang A..B..C..D. cheekily in our kindergarten days.

But only today the letters spoke to me

Yes I am just a girl like you, born with a dream to touch the sky, always counting on the beautiful days ahead, but you are now in a better place than me Damini, you are no longer in this f***ing world. You must now be in a place devoid of crime and violence, a world untouched by greed , a world filled with only love.
You will always live and justice will be yours Damini, generations will remember you as the brave girl who awakened the people, those brutal monsters will be burned alive naked, in front of the mob , to make them feel what they did to you, the pain of being ripped apart!

I no longer feel am a lucky person myself Damini, dreams are not worth reaching now. Yes I am just a girl like you and I will be the happiest if you can hear me now., may your soul rest in peace Damini!


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