Getting stoned and losing WISDOM

Growing up I always thought I would end up as a writer. Not just any writer, a stoned writer! Now what are the odds, I have never smoked in my life and I did't end up being a writer either. I don't even enjoy drinking. I can handle a glass of wine occasionally. But that's it. The last time I was actually DRUNK, things didn't go very well, all I remember was lots of dancing, lots of laughing, throwing up and finally sleeping like a baby. Boy it was fun, except for the throwing up part. And yes for the very same reason, I don't ever want to get DRUNK again.
Two weeks back something interesting happened. I got to try Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). In fact it was under medical supervision. I was getting my first wisdom tooth pulled. Along with the local freezing of the extraction area, I was also wearing a mask inhaling Nitrous Oxide. The dentist said it would keep me all relaxed. I didn't really feel the urge to laugh at all. Maybe because they had the News channe…

27 signs of aging

So when google introduced a personalized birthday doodle the first time, I was really impressed. And now this year the first person/machine to wish me on my birthday was my bank in India (9.5 to 10.5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time) So I technically opened my first birthday wish the day before.

Well you know you are living the high life when there are more machines wishing you on your birthday than people!

With a vision still going crippled and an almost healthy body and mind I think I am doing good for 27 years. But then I still miss those days when I had the luxury to go to bed without brushing or flossing or taking off my makeup. I can't do it anymore, the more I stare in the mirror I will find a fine line in the making! And you know how my mind is so drenched in that fancy advice (which could possibly be true) - Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face. Well hell yeah I do that! I do it all and I am still insecure.

And even in the middle of all this buzz, I turned 27, oh y…

Only when I am high!

So we were on our way back to Canada after one hell of a crazy wedding in India, we were both sick, tired and sleepy. We were almost 4 hours away from Pearson Toronto, and the captain warned us of a possible turbulence just before we were about to enter St Johns. 
I was too tired even to fasten my seat belts even then the minor shaking forced me to fasten my seat belts, my husband never takes them off so he was good.
I only remember holding his hands and I dozed off, except for some occasional shaking I was sound asleep. Well this wasn't an easy ride for the rest of the passengers, including my husband.
Everyone quickly switched to the interactive map on the entertainment screen. Even he did. At one point feared forced my husband to doubt if it was time for the final kiss, he looked at me, ironically I could only return a crazy snore, I was dead asleep!
Well long story short, it was only a minor turbulence. We reached Toronto safe and sound. He gave me the ultimate look as we got…

Twice in life it is

Twice in life you get to analyze if you were successful in life; the first phase is when you ask your parents, the next phase is when you ask your kids!

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This is my weight loss story and I won't recommend it

I have never wanted to be a Health blogger, boasting about ways to go vegan, feed on green fluids which tastes like an exploded veggie dynamite in your mouth.
But I have to do this, yes I used to be one of those females cutting off dairy, cutting off gluten, cutting off sugar and all the wonderful things from my life. Yes two months back I had the most paper thin body of all. And I did this all just to clear up my face. I went down to shocking 40kg! I was falling ill frequently.
The worst part, I was still so stubborn with my diet, I was happy with the fact that my face was clearing and that's when I started forgetting about my health. 
For my 25th birthday, it somehow struck me, that I had to stop this. I got so paper thin. It was then that I ended the months old diet.
I started feeding on cheese, meat, sugar. Clearly for the first few weeks I could see all the side effects on my skin, I thought no to bother and kept going. The following week, I  finally felt flesh on my body af…

I am selfish and I know it #5

I had a great day at work today, stepping out of my office doors, I thought I deserved a break. I drove to the nearest subway and ordered a chicken teriyaki sub. 
The meal was filling and I thanked myself for the much needed break. Stepping out of the building, I reached into my pant pockets to grab my car keys. I realized it wasn't there. I searched my sling bag quickly and realized I was at no luck. 
I went back inside and at that instant I was sure about one thing. 
I had carefully dropped my car keys into the trash.
I went to the counter. 
Me: Hi I am sorry, I think I dropped my car keys in the garbage.
Counter lady : Oh wow great!  I would never do that.
* laughs* She started putting on her gloves to dig into the trash.
Me: I am really sorry.
Her: Oh that's alright we can look it up.
She opened the trash box and there it was lying on top amidst all the junks! 
I thanked them all, and thought about all the odds of being me, made a quick resolution to be systematic aga…

Who cares baby???

Who cares baby, at the end of the day it is always about giving thanks for you made out alive, being grateful for the accomplishments you had and the people who helped you, analyzing the shortcomings and being optimistic about waking up alive to live your next adventure!

PS : Now what motivated me to write this post, I had my first adventurous drive through the snow today.
I was on my way to church, and everything looked so white, the roads, the buildings, the vehicles on the road. I was blindly trusting the GPS lady with all her rerouting plans. She took me through an even whiter, snow blanketed narrow lane.
All I could remember was me moving a little too much to the right to give way for an approaching vehicle, and right after that I totally lost control and my car went to the right. I tried to turn left and my car skidded on ice.
I could brake the car but it was stuck in the snow and I couldn't move the car at all. I turned the emergency blinkers on.
Luckily I saw this gentlem…